Getting mindful... something we all want these days... But you're not the doing-nothing-at-all-type?

Me neither... That's why schematic drawing or painting is a good idea!

Your focus on the lines, the paper, the pencils, the paint...  And nowhere else!

And the best thing is, you don't need to be the next Andy Warhol to enter these workshops. Anyone can enter, because you will be guided step by step to make sure you get all the techniques and information so you can continue at home! 

Check the agenda page to look for a workshop near you.

Nothing in your region? 

Contact me and perhaps you will be organizing the next workshop!*


*organizers enter the workshop for free!

Please do not dowload my drawings and use them without my permission.

Still want a drawing for yourself?

Contact me for freelance work or take part in one of the workshops and make one of your very own! ;-)